I think more calm when I color & smoke weed

I have a undoubtedly stressful task on Wall Street, then from the time I get to work until the time I go home, I am consistently moving.

That task is fast paced & requires a lot of energy; By the time I get cabin at the end of the afternoon, I am completely obliterated.

I barely have any energy to walk up the stairs to my apartment. I dealt with a lot of stress & anxiety when I first started the task. One thing I found that helps is recreational marijuana. At night when I think stressed out, I smoke a bowl of medical & recreational marijuana. I also savor to color; Coloring is undoubtedly relaxing to me. I have several sets of markers, crayons, & colored gel pens. I prefer to smoke a sativa or indica joint when I get cabin from the office & after that I beginning coloring. If I spend an hour relaxing savor this, I sleep better at night & I think more refreshed the next afternoon, but yesterday a single of my co-workers mentioned the smile on my face. She said that the task must not affect me at all. I told his that I am undoubtedly stressed out all of the time, even though I have a special regimen that helps relieve all of the stress & anxiety. She wanted to know exactly what I was doing, even though I undoubtedly didn’t want to tell his about smoking recreational marijuana. And my category of business, any category of drug use is looked upon with a frown. I didn’t want to give anyone a reason to think that I was not going to be able to do my task to the best of my ability.

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