The bathroom smell savor marijuana

Employees at the cannabis shop know & understand that they are not allowed to consume cannabis at work.

There are strict rules about consuming cannabis at work & each a single of the employees has to sign a paper stating they will follow the rules & not consume cannabis at work.

There are still some people that tried to chop the rules… Several employees carry a vape pen in their pocket. I sincerely don’t mind the vape pen undoubtedly much as long as they are discreet. I don’t want the employees to fire up a joint on the floor. Someone was smoking marijuana in the employee bathroom a couple of afternoons ago. I used the bathroom in the hall that is strictly for our employees. I also have a bathroom in my office & I frequently use that bathroom. I was closer to the whole laboratory, so I snuck into that bathroom for a moment. The whole site smelled savor marijuana. I didn’t see any smoke in the bathroom, but it clearly seems savor someone was smoking a joint in the bathroom, but later that afternoon, I gathered all of the employees for a short meeting. Every one of us had a break-in dealer & a couple of minutes to talk. I told the employees that I knew someone was smoking marijuana in the bathroom. I reminded each a single of the employees about the paperwork they signed when they were hired, and hopefully I will not have any other problems with people getting high while they are on the clock. There is plenty of time after work to smoke pot.

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