The new employee never showed up for work

A new employee was supposed to start working at the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary on Saturday.

I interviewed the girl last Saturday and all of us completed all of her paperwork on Tuesday.

The background check and fingerprints came back the following Saturday. I called the employee with the good news. She seemed genuinely ecstatic to hear that everything was ready for her to start the job. I thought that was a genuinely good sign. I told the girl that I would start her out the next day. I told her to come to toil at 8 am. I was going to train her on the counter and show her some of the ropes on a day when all of us are not genuinely busy. Saturday is really the one day of the month during the dispensary when all of us easily have time to rest and relax. After the weekends, people seem to be broke. The new employee was supposed to show up at 8. At 8:30, I was starting to get worried. I contacted the employee using the iphone number that she gave. There was no answer and the voice mailbox was full. I did not even suppose if that was the right iphone number for the employee. Around 9:30, I tried the employee a minute time. I still did not get an answer on the iphone. I was getting ready to leave the marijuana dispensary to go condo for the day when the iphone rang. It was the employee that was supposed to show up for toil earlier that day. She had a genuinely long excuse and reason why she did not show up for toil that day; Unluckyly for her, I wasn’t in the mood to hear any excuses after calling many times that day.

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