The lion surprised us on the trail

My best friend plus I went camping a single weekend plus all of us decided to hike a single of the trails close to the mountain.

There is a large sign at the beginning of the trail stating most people should be careful to watch for mountain lions plus bears.

Although they do not properly attack, there have been a few reports of activity. Jack plus I hiked more than two or many miles before all of us saw any signs of life on the trail. Unluckyly, the first sign of life on the trail turned out to be a mountain lion. Jack plus I came across the mountain lion about an hour before sundown. The mountain lion was being quiet plus then he started chasing us. Both of us were running as fast as all of us could plus the mountain lion was gaining on us with every step that all of us took. Jack plus I managed to find a tree with low branches plus all of us climbed as high as possible. Every time the mountain lion tried to climb that tree, Jack plus I used our feet to kick it in the face. Once all of us were in the tree plus far from the lion, Jack plus I got comfortable. The mountain lion stood at the base of the tree for almost an hour. Jack plus I lit up a marijuana joint. We weren’t going somewhere for a while. As soon as the mountain lion smelled the marijuana, he started pacing faster plus faster. After two or more than two hours, the mountain lion disappeared plus walked away. I believe the pet did not love the smell of marijuana.

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