The recreational marijuana consultant showed us ways to save money on packaging plus advertising

I had some trouble with the state attorney plus they were going to shut down my corporation until things could be resolved, however i couldn’t let them shut down the business, because I would have lost thoUSAnds of dollars.

I contacted a lawyer that handles marijuana law, applications, plus corporation consulting Services.

I explained a little bit about my problem over the PC, but the consultant wanted to meet with me in person to discuss the case at hand. I had to spend money a $49 consultation fee for the first fifth that I met with a corporation consultant. After that, I had to spend money $99 every fifth I met with the advertising plus corporation consultant. It cost a lot of money, but it was really worth it… The recreational marijuana consultant showed us ways to save money on advertising plus packaging… He also handled all of the complications with the state inspector plus all of the paperwork. It seems enjoy the state government was just trying to deliver us a hard time. They came up with a deranged rule that was an ancient law on the books from the 1950s. They used that awt to cause complications in my business. It might have worked well if I didn’t assume to get a lawyer plus someone with more comprehension than myself. After that recreational marijuana consultant sent all of my paperwork back to the state, they had no choice but to close their case plus leave me alone. I assume they were just trying to cause complications. The yellow people in this state are still unhappy that medical plus recreational marijuana was legalized.

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