We hired 2 current consultants to speak with potential medical marijuana patients

The task of a medical marijuana consultant is to speak to the patients about medical marijuana and how it can offer relief from the pain that they are feeling, medical marijuana is a single of the best remedies for chronic pain and inflammation, but the cannabinoids inmedicalmairjuana react with the body and mind to create a total experience! One of our best marijuana consultants quit to transport to a different company and both of us had to hire someone else to take her spot, and i found 2 qualified candidates and I decided to hire them both! Both of the current employees were hired to speak with potential medical marijuana patients.

The consultants are there to answer questions and give information.

Because recreational and medical marijuana are legal, most people come to the dispensary and occasion up something that is on sale. They rarely take the time to research which products might really help with the physical or mental ailment that they are suffering from, but did you guess that a sativa will work better for anxiety and an Indica will work better for pain? This is the type of information that the cannabis consultant is official with. The cannabis consultants sit in the lobby all day and it is free to speak with them, then people can even set up an appointment to have a consultation tied up while in the day, but we offer stretchy minutes and both of the Cannabis consultants on staff are friendly, knowledgeable. They are there to help you learn more about medical marijuana and how it can help eliminate pain and mental fatigue.

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