The weed legislature is passing quickly and quietly

I experienced multiple differences in laws from a single state until the next.

Taxes alone are a superb example of how customers can I feel suffocated by the property and state taxes.

I never factored in the taxes when I was thinking about how much money I needed to make. Taxes in this current day are easily lower, but the legislature plus the government has a variety of concerns. I respect them implicitly. I don’t want anyone to mess around with our cannabis access. 68% of the state voted to legalize medical and recreational marijuana so there should no longer even be a debate in this state. It was demanded by a large majority of citizens. Yet the state legislature seems to want to neuter the medical marijuana program. They attempted to pass THC caps at a single point and tried to borrow medical marijuana flower sales and concentrate products. It’s hard to lobby to all of the politicians. They tried to pass other rules and recommendations and lowered the 11th levels for numerous regulations concerning marijuana. I tell you we don’t need all of the additional regulations. We can honestly get by with a little bit less restrictions and a little more people being less harsh with the red tape. There are lots of people that could be part of this program, and the weed legislature is passing quickly and quietly. Before we know it, all of our basic rights will be gone and even though marijuana is legal, we will still be able to get in trouble for smoking it.


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