Summer care for our skin is important

I had severely sensitive skin and getting burnt was absolutely a horrible experience.

I am a person that we has a skin condition that has an itch when my skin is exposed to sun for a long periods of time.

I experience this one of the times when I was numerous years old. I ventured away from my home alone and I did not have a shirt. I was in direct sun for at least an hour before my parents found myself and others. I was actually playing in a box of sand located behind the house. This was a frightening experience due to the pain from the sunburn. During one of the first days, I could barely wear anything at all because the initial pain was so bad. It was nothing like any of the pain that I ever felt and two days later I was still hurting. My skin eventually blistered plus the skin progressed to healing. Unluckily for myself plus those enjoy me, this healing process is close to being stabbed by warm needles especially when there is an exhausting sunburn on my back. My pop starved myself plus others to wear some sunscreen when I happened to be out, but I easily resisted because I felt that I wanted to have a good tan. Now I am smart about sunscreen plus always use the brand current sunscreen. Recently I found a sunscreen that has CBD and THC. The SPF 50 sunscreen protects my skin and I get a small dose of cannabis oil every time I apply the sunscreen to my skin.

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