Medical cannabis was able to help me out a lot recently

When medical marijuana legislation was being debated in my state, I was sort of ambivalent to be perfectly honest.

  • But as I lay here today, I’m thankful for all those cannabis advocates that helped get medical marijuana passed for the benefit of everyone.

If it weren’t for the sativa and indica products I can access at the recreational cannabis store near me, my situation might be dire. Prior to being disfigured in a motor car wreck, I was sort of lukewarm when it came to the whole medical marijuana movement. I’d used some recreational marijuana in my days but nothing overt. I sort of thought the whole medical marijuana thing was simply a ruse for stoners to get recreational cannabis stores. And truthfully, I particularly didn’t care. If people could buy alcohol then why not marijuana? There was just no science of thought for me. But it wasn’t as though I was all up in arms about it either. I voted for medical marijuana but now, I particularly understand first hand the enjoyable benefits of cannabis. After my motorcar wreck came many surgeries to attempt to service my body. And that wasn’t the hardest part either. It was trying to manage a recovery and do the physical therapy that I found most trying. Plus, the opioid pain meds were becoming something of a crutch. I used them far too much in order to just deal. That was basically a path to addiction and I knew it. So I talked with my healthcare professional and he entirely suggested that I get access to the recreational cannabis stores. He thought that medical marijuana would help manage pain, inflammation and improve range of motion in PT. That healthcare professional was right on the currency as cannabis products supplied all of that. What I wasn’t expecting was how the sativa products lifted me out of my malaise and helped me feel hopeful again in life.



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