I need to be growing cannabis

At the beginning of this awful pandemic, our roommate Benjy came to me with an offer, and he had done the research, and decided to grow pot plants in the garage. As always, Benjy had laid the groundwork for it all, and had spreadsheets for the time, money, and effort it would take to cultivate some smokable pot in our home. Benjy also had a spreadsheet for the payoff, and how much grass both of us would get for our invested time and effort. Since both of us had access to local cannabis dispensaries, I thought it was rather silly to put in all that work, especially since the results would not be up to the standards I was accustomed to, and cannabis dispensaries may be rather high-priced, however they also carry the best merchandise you can find somewhere, so I stuck with that. It had finally reached the point where I regret our decision, and have even started buying our cannabis from Benjy because I can’t afford the dispensary any more. Benjy is not rude about it, and sell me marijuana at a nice discount, although I absolutely should have gone into a partnership with Benjy. Had I done that, I would have saved thousands of dollars over the last year, and been able to smoke as much marijuana as I wanted. I am kicking myself for not having as much foresight as Benjy did. It took him weeks to cultivate those cannabis plants just right, with a lot of trial and error, however now Benjy is reaping the benefits. I have been beating myself up over this very terrible decision for weeks!


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