I don't mind waiting until a good sale day

My kids will claim that it is absolutely embarrassing for them to see me lying coupons to save money at the store.

Sometimes I get 40% of my shopping Bill saved because I have effectively clipped coupons.

Thankfully many coupons are absolutely digital and tied up directly with my rewards accounts. I no longer have the need for a person to manually scan the coupons before or at the end of each one of the transactions. The both of us look into digital coupon rewards at the store before making any shopping list on that unique day. My own efforts are regularly rewarded when I absolutely discover there are some products appreciate 30 per cent or higher. I learned recently that there are locations like the grocery store where they consistently run sales in addition to offer coupons. As a medical marijuana patient, I also struggle to pay for medicines ad or other people in this economy. There are multiple medical marijuana shops that have rotating sales on numerous of the products throughout the store. Last month there was a sale on all of the cold water pressed resin. Even those products are kind of expensive, I definitely wanted to try one of them. I had a huge sale and discount from the top of my sale savings and I use that savings to help me pay for all of the items that I had ordered. Even if it’s a good deal at the cannabis shop, I don’t mind using a coupon as long as I’m going to save money. That’s definitely something I have learned over time.


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