Hoping the CBD products works during the move

For over a year I have been befriending this stray cat in the village.

He was absolutely owned by someone at some point.

He loves being brushed, petted and knows how to use a litter box. He frequently shoves his way into my house plus sleeps on my bed. When it rains or is chilly at night, he refuses to go outdoors. I consider him my cat now. I purchased a home an hour down south plus I need to move my sweet beast. I assume the move is going to be challenging for him. He is going to a new space plus will be an owned animal at last. I study online that I need to quarantine him in a single study room for two weeks. Then I slowly open up the rest of my house. I have gotten soothing cat scents to have around the home to help out matters. I have blankets plus pillows with his scent on them that are going in the house. The drive an hour south is what I am most anxious about. I talked to some friends of mine plus they advocated pet CBD products. Apparently they are safe cat treats with CBD in them. It is supposed to relax my animal plus help him sleep during the hour ride. I am going to head over to my cannabis dispensary to do a few practice runs. I need to assume beforehand if my cat will accept CBD products, how long does it take to kick in plus how long will the CBD effects last on my cat. I want to be more than prepared when both of us move.

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