Finding life more livable with cannabis

For what has turned out to be decades, I was treating my anxiety and depression with pharmaceuticals.

Those meds were important for sure.

When I first started using them, I know that they were essential in just keeping me alive. Now, I’m going a different way thanks to cannabis products. But that’s how bad my condition was in my very early 20’s. Trying to study and achieve at college while figuring out what I wanted from life was just so overwhelming that I wasn’t sure that living was for me. That’s a tough thing to actually realize and then deal with. Again, I am thankful I was able to get the medicine that helped me at least manage to some degree. But that’s really as far as it went with me and those meds. I managed to stay alive and have a modest life. Yet, that always seemed like a disappointment to me. After yet another change in medication due to efficacy issues, I looked for a more natural approach that included cannabis. Recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are both available in my state. But I’d never tried them because I was afraid. When I started seeing a therapist who was employed a more holistic approach, the use of sativa and indica was discussed. After some initial resistance I tried the sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. The particular sativa strains were specific to benefitting those with my condition. The results were almost immediate and overwhelmingly wonderful. It’s hard to believe that medical marijuana has completely change my perspective and trajectory in life.

medical cannabis