Cannabis products were certainly what I needed in my life

When medical marijuana legislation was being discussed and debated a while ago in my state, I was ambivalent to be honest.

  • But as I stand here these days, I’m truly thankful for all those cannabis advocates that helped get medical marijuana passed.

If it weren’t for the sativa and indica products I can access at the local weed shop, my situation might be dire. Prior to being disfigured in a terrible automobile wreck, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the whole medical marijuana movement. I’d used some recreational marijuana in my day however nothing overt. I basically thought the whole medical marijuana thing was just a cover for stoners to get recreational cannabis dispensaries. And sincerely, I absolutely didn’t care if I’m being honest. If people could choose to purchase alcohol then why not recreational marijuana? There was just no logic to it for me. But it wasn’t as though I was all up in arms about it either. I voted for medical marijuana however now, I absolutely understand first hand the fantastic benefits of cannabis. After my automobile wreck came multiple surgeries to attempt to get my body working again. And that wasn’t the most challenging part. It was trying to truly recover and do the physical therapy that I found especially tough. Plus, the opioid pain meds were becoming a crutch to some degree. I used them far too much in order to just deal. That was simply a path to addiction and I knew it. So I talked with my doctor and he truly advocated that I head down to the recreational cannabis dispensary. He thought that some quality smarijuana would help manage pain, inflammation and improve range of motion in PT. That doctor was honestly correct about cannabis products. What I wasn’t expecting was how the sativa products lifted me out of my miserable situation and helped me be hopeful.
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