Cannabis concentrates require heat and pressing

The concept of using a chemical is largely foreign to most people and they guess it can be synonymous with synthetic substances.

These substances may seem toxic to humans, but in vast reality a chemical is just defined by its composition adore water or air.

Substances can be produced artificially but this is not particularly the case at all times. Some do not realize products are labeled with chemicals but sporadically these chemicals are derived from natural plant sources. My new number one body cleansing soap is filled with chamomile, rosemary, pine, in addition to Lavender. When medical cannabis was legalized the legislature said no chemical solvents are necessary in order to extract THC in addition to other cannabinoids. This logic happened due to technically natural supplement that seem to be safer than the hydrofluorocarbons indoor butane in addition to propane. Both are efficient when used to extract cannabinoid. This process of purging all of the bad chemicals means that it has to be done at a high heat and for a long press. It is very hard to produce a cannabis product completely free of any type of solvent. If you want to retain the turpins that are destroyed, you have to use a completely different type of cannabis extraction process. Coldwater pressing and cold pressing are great ways to get THC out of the plant and make live resin sauce. Even the natural diamonds are extracted in the same exact way when you are dealing with THC. And products have to be consuming and that means going with a marijuana extraction process that is whole.

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