Adding more locations to my website

I have a successful cannabis dispensary in my spot.

I feel great about the business, my workers as well as my website for the dealer. I have since decided to expand my cannabis supplier to a few locations. I have opened up a new store an hour away in each direction of my original cannabis dispensary. Now I have 5 spots representing my company name. I want to make sure everything thrives with this new, risky business venture. I went looking for digital marketing solutions for multi-locations. Multi-location digital marketing solutions means that the SEO team targets keywords to each of the 5 spots my supplier is at. So people who normally go to my website now know there are several other places nearby. Anyone in the other towns that go searching for cannabis will see my website. It should help that I already have a nice supplier following with my first dealer. I also offer cannabis delivery, curbside pickup as well as I try to price match whenever I can. The digital marketing company also offered to provide my website an update. I was hesitant to change things but since they did so well connecting the multi-locations, I couldn’t easily justify saying no way. I am so glad I let the web team take a look. My website was good before, however now it is wonderful. I have moving graphics, client reviews on the website as well as ordering curbside pickup is much easier. I have noticed an increase in sales ever since my up-to-date website was launched. I am hopeful I will start seeing sales for each location too.


SEO for marijuana dispensary