There was no issue until she started to yell

Everyone that is signed up for legal medical marijuana is required to follow the laws regarding the product.

Everyone has both a weekly and bi-weekly limit that is set up according to the prescription given by the health care pro and the state requirements, but most people are allowed to buy 2 oz of marijuana each week.

Only one ounce of marijuana product can be purchased at a time, concentrates being the same, and there is a limit to the number of concentrates that can be bought in a 60-day window.. if a shopper reaches that limit, they can no longer purchase cannabis extracts, waxes, or rosins, and a shopper is also limited by the amount of concentrate they can purchase in 1 day. Although you could have 30 grams on your prescription, the most I can legally sell in 1 day to a single person is seven grams. A shopper was in the store Last monday she wanted to buy 12 grams of concentrate because they were on sale! I unquestionably and totally understand the need to get a great deal when items are on sale, and unfortunately, I cannot control what the federal government has set up as their policy. The store and the staff are bound by the federal and state laws. I politely tried to explain all of this to the shopper Last monday she started to get frustrated. I was trying to remain calm, although she started yelling; When the shopper started yelling, I was forced to get the security guard to escort her out of the building. She was causing a ruckus inside the dispensary.


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