The tree fell right on my car

There are some very large oak trees in the parking lot outside of the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary where I work.

Last week the owner of the business complex hired a company to cut down all of the trees.

I was definitely sad to see the trees go, but I knew it was necessary with the storm season on its way. Last year a car in the parking lot was completely smashed when a gust of wind knocked a tree over. The owner of the business complex was trying to keep that problem from happening again. Unfortunately, another car was damaged on the day that the trees were being removed by the professional company. It was my vehicle that was damaged. I had my car parked on the west side of the lot about 40 ft from the place where they work forming trees. Nobody was watching where the tree was going to fall and it swayed too far in the wind. When the guys dropped the tree it was right over my car. My car wasn’t smashed completely, but I was unable to drive it home. I heard the crash and immediately ran outside. It was as if I already knew that my car was in danger. The tree cutting company had to pay my insurance deductible and they had to pay for all of the damages. The owner of the business complex felt bad about the accident and he offered to pay for me to take a week of vacation at work. I’m at home getting paid my regular salary, but it’s totally inconvenient to have my car at the shop.


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