The online menu for the dispensary

The online order form for the new marijuana dispensary is set up in a special way.

Customers are allowed to add any items to the cart that they want.

If the buyer reaches the legal threshold, the cart automatically closes & you are no longer able to add anything new to the shopping cart. The first time I was ordering from the dispensary, I didn’t think that was the rule. Items in our order kept disappearing & I started getting incredibly exasperated. I called the marijuana dispensary & I was on hold for a few minutes before the manager came to the PC. The lady on the PC told me about the online order form & how the shopping cart worked. Since then, I have consistently gone to the dispensary to pick out our cannabis products. It just seems easier to have someone manage our order so I do not have to. I drove to the dispensary last Wednesday when everything in the store was on sale. I assumed the lobby would be genuinely busy, however there were only a couple of people waiting in line when I arrived around 10 in the afternoon. I went right back to the pharmacy section & talked with the budtender. The person told me about all of the daily specials. All of us were having such an intense conversation about sativa & hybrid marijuana strains when someone interrupted our discussion. The older guy was complaining about coming to the dispensary. He wanted to order online and the shopping cart was broken. I wondered if he was having the exact same concerns that I had several months previously.

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