The new guy took my weekend schedule

I’ve been complaining to my boss about my schedule for a while now. I do not like working nights and weekends. I have two small children at home and I like to be with them when school is out. I also prefer to be with them when they are home for the weekend. On some weekends the kids go to their Dads house and on other weekends, they are at home with me. Until a couple of months ago, I had to work even when the kids were at home. My boss told me that he would try to find someone to help out with the extra weekend shift, but he never hired anyone. I reminded him that I did not want to work every weekend. He told me that he was still looking for someone. The boss caught me by surprise last week when he told me that he found a new budtender to work at the dispensary every single weekend. The new budtender took my weekend chefs. In fact, the guy took my entire old schedule. The boss made me a brand new schedule so I could be home with my children more frequently. I still have a full-time schedule with all of the hours I need, but now I don’t have to work on the weekends at all. When the kids are home, I can spend time with them. When the kids are away, I can concentrate on myself. My boss certainly made good on his promise and my quality of life has improved since the new changes were made.


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