The nearest medical marijuana doctor to me charges too much for appointments

I went to the doctor yesterday and was shocked that my copay had increased so much.

Before, the doctor’s office would simply send a bill in the mail to my address, but they quit doing that when I forgot to pay the last one.

It’s always a stressful situation because I don’t know what the prices are going to be until the absolute last minute. And with all of the other price increases going on right now, it shouldn’t really surprise me that my doctor is charging more money right now as well. A few years ago it was $75 for the cash price, but now it’s already up to $120 at this point. I cannot fathom an increase like this during the current time span, but I’m at the mercy of this terrible system. But it’s not just the normal physician that’s charging increased rates. My medical cannabis doctor is pulling the same kind of nonsense to get as much cash out of patients as he possibly can. Recertification appointments increased from $150 to $200 simply because that’s what his competitors in the area were charging. God forbid you make your prices as a medical marijuana doctor competitive with others! Even though this is the nearest medical marijuana doctor to my house, I think it’s worth driving a further distance if it means a lower price per appointment. These appointments are mandated twice yearly by the state government, so the price of your medical marijuana doctor is important. I had to find one with competitive pricing or I would not be able to keep my medical marijuana card.

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