The lounge opened on Friday and it wasn't very busy

A few months ago, the marijuana dispensary where I work started to construct a cannabis smoking Lounge in the space next to the dispensary.

When I heard about the cannabis Lounge, I was very excited about the possibilities.

The owner of the dispensary bought the office space next to the dispensary. He started tearing down the walls to make room for all of the items that he wanted to have inside of the lounge. The owner bought eight large televisions for the lounge along with several comfortable couches and chairs. He went to a Goodwill store and purchased a few different board games that seemed like fun. When the Cannabis Lounge was open for business, I expected the place to be packed with people. Opening day was Friday, and only a couple of people ended up visiting the lounge. No one stayed at all during the day for more than a couple of minutes. The owner was surprised by the lack of turnout. Next week he is going to try something different to attract a larger crowd. He is going to host a trivia night and the winner of the trivia game will receive a $100 gift card to spend in the cannabis dispensary. The free giveaway should really attract customers to the Cannabis Lounge, even if they don’t purchase anything in the store. The owner spent a lot of money and time to get the lounge up and running. He isn’t going to stop trying new ideas until the lounge and seating area is a huge success

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