The lemony pre roll was absolutely delightful

My friend & I went to the marijuana dispensary last Wednesday.

  • All of us headed out to the river to spend a lazy afternoon fishing for pike & carp.

On our way to the river, the two of us stopped at the local marijuana dispensary, as recreational marijuana has been legal here since the start of the year. I had medical marijuana legal, so there were plenty of dispensaries to start selling marijuana as soon as the laws were finally changed. I love to smoke recreational marijuana on the weekends when I do not have to work. Recreational cannabis makes me genuinely calm & blissful. Usually I am filled with a ton of anxiety, however the recreational marijuana products really help out with that symptom of our mental illness. When the two of us stopped at the marijuana dispensary, Pat found out that they were having a sale on all of the marijuana buds & pre-rolls. Pre-rolls can be a bit costly, however since they were on sale, I decided to browse the wide selection. I was genuinely interested in a pre-roll that was supposed to taste care about lemon candy. The infused pre-roll was $26 for a 1.5 gram joint, however it was infused with distillate, bubble hash, & indoor buds. The budtender told me that the joint actually tasted the same as a fresh cut lemon. I decided to buy the marijuana joint, even though it was high priced. The lemony pre-roll was absolutely kind of nice. It actually tasted care about lemons & had a genuinely potent citrus flavor. I smoked half of the joint & then the two of us had to put the marijuana down until a bit later.

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