The indica strain was really potent

My friends and I went to the dispensary on Tuesday.

While we were there, we talked to a representative from one of the new indoor farms.

The indoor farm had a brand-new infused product available. The infused Indica strain was supposed to have 47% THC. The representative from the company was offering eighths of the infused product for free with any purchase from their product line. I decided to buy a vape pen cartridge. My friend Jack bought another eighth of indoor flower. Both of us left the store with a free eighth of indoor flower. I smoke every single day, so I wasn’t particularly concerned with the effects from the Indica marijuana strain. As soon as Jack and I got back to his apartment, I opened up my bag and the two of us smoked a really big bowl. The marijuana flavor was exceptional. It tasted a little bit like grapes or berries. It was hard to pinpoint the flavor, but it was very tasty and delicious. We smoked a second and then a third bowl of the marijuana flower product. The Indica strain was really potent. It made me feel much more tired and relaxed than I expected. I must have fallen asleep on Jack’s couch, because I woke up and it was dark outside. Jack was asleep in the chair and there was a full, packed bowl sitting on the table. The TV was still on the sports channel. Even the radio was still playing in the distance. It was as if the two of us passed out at the same time.



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