Prices on weed are generally lower in the middle of the state

I am constantly looking for the absolutely best deal on marijuana.

I can’t afford to spend a fortune.

I’m on a fixed budget and that means I have to get the most for my money. Most of the marijuana dispensaries have sales throughout the week. As long as I shop properly, I can usually find a pretty good deal. I live about 15 miles from the coast. A few weeks ago I drove to the central part of the state with a friend of mine. The guy had to make a delivery for his job and he wanted someone to keep him company on the road. I didn’t have anything going on that day and he even offered to buy lunch, so I was game. The delivery turned out to be in a farming town with one red light and a couple of bars. That small town also had a recreational marijuana dispensary. I saw a sign for the dispensary on one of the billboards. I thought it might be fun to check on the prices of marijuana in this part of the state. I absolutely expected them to be much higher. When I found them to be much lower, I was flabbergasted. I made my friend go to the marijuana dispensary so I could grab a couple of items. The prices online even included taxes. I got some really amazing deals on cannabis concentrate and marijuana flower. The deals were so good that I might drive the distance again if I had a windfall of money. It’s not exactly feasible right now, with gas prices at $6 a gallon.

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