My lunch was packed and ready to go

My wife is such a wonderful, kind, and caring person.

  • We’ve been working really hard lately to get into better shape.

We have been exercising every night after work is over. We have also been eating healthy foods that include lean meat like fish, chicken, and tofu and we have cut out all of our fast food during the day. Cutting out the fast food has been particularly difficult for me, because I work all day and I am in my car most of the time. As a delivery driver, it’s really easy for me to run through the drive-through on my way to or from a delivery. I used to grab a burger from Carl’s jr., Burger King, or In and Out, but I stopped when my wife and I started our diet. She has been packing me lunch every time I go to work at the marijuana delivery service. I have plenty of cold drinks in a cooler in the car and my wife packs me healthy snacks like trail mix, fruit, and vegetable sticks. I have snacks and drinks to keep me motivated and energized all day. I definitely miss having a burger for lunch and every Friday on payday I splurge. When I get my check from the marijuana delivery service, I save a couple of bucks so I can get a burger on my Friday shift. It is the one time during the week when my wife does not pack me lunch. She knows I’m going to cheat and have a giant bacon double cheeseburger that


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