My cousin Carol is opening a cannabis dispensary

My cousin Carol says that she is going to open up a cannabis dispensary here in our little town.

Carol has gone through a lot of legal loopholes and all kinds of training in order to get to this point.

She finally got everything ready to go, but it took a long time to get everything sorted out, that’s for sure. I’m really excited for her now that it’s actually going to become a reality soon. I think that Carol’s cannabis dispensary is going to be really great. She is going to own the only cannabis dispensary in our entire area, so she will be providing all of the cannabis products and medical marijuana products to everyone in a hundred mile radius. I know that Carol has worked really hard to get her cannabis dispensary up and running, and I think that it will definitely be worth it once she gets started. I think that she is going to end up with a really great business in the next few years. Over the past couple of weeks she has been working to get the cannabis product menu all together. She has also been planning different cannabis dispensary events to host once she gets everything up and running. I told Carol that she might want to get a marketing service because her cannabis dispensary is probably going to end up being a big business. I think she might end up with too much to do. I don’t think that Carol really knew what she was getting into but there are so many different kinds of cannabis products out there that she could easily be overwhelmed by them all.

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