Loving the availability of cannabis products

It wasn’t all that long ago that I had to deal with a much tougher and illegal method of procuring cannabis products.

As a long time recreational marijuana user, that was not a lot of fun.

The stress involved just to get a small quantity of sativa or indica products was a lot and the memory of all that is fresh. So just walking into a cannabis dispensary also comes with a whole lot of gratitude. It’s just so easy now that our state finally came to its senses when it comes to responsible cannabis laws. Once the model for legal marijuana for sale was shown to be so successful from states out west, our state was quick to join in. And I find that all to be so interesting. For years and years, medical marijuana legislation simply languished as it was like a political landmine of some sort. The anti cannabis segment continued to hold up even medical marijuana with fear and myth. But money talks. In this country, if there is revenue to be made that supplies a whole new tax revenue stream, things get done. And that’s ultimately what happened here. The powers in our state saw just how much money was out there for the taking with legal cannabis products. Not only was medical marijuana passed in the next election cycle, so was recreational marijuana as well. So now, I’m done with all the stress that came with procuring the sativa or indica products that I most enjoy. It’s not even a long bike ride to my local cannabis spot. Still, I give thanks every time I walk into that legal weed store just because it’s there.


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