It reeked like weed in the airline powder room

My mom plus myself took an international flight when I was just 12 years old.

I do not remember exactly how long we were on the plane, but I remember going to sleep plus I remember having a meal.

It felt as if we were on the airline for more than two afternoons, but I think it was about 12 or 14 hours. My mom took me to see our Grandfather. He was from the aged country. Our plane ride across the country plus the Atlantic Ocean was nearly half of the trip. Most of the plane was filled with tourists. I was seated next to another young child who was about the same age as me! He was also visiting his relatives that lived in the same country. All of us talked about our lives plus the sites where we were living. The boy got up to use the powder room when the seat light went off. He was gone for such a long time. I decided to get up to check on our current friend. I tapped on the powder room door a couple of times. He came out of the airline powder room plus gave me an odd plus strange look. Then he smiled plus winked. I went into the powder room plus the whole bathroom smelled like marijuana. That was one of the first times that I ever smelled marijuana. I did not mention the smell of marijuana in the powder room to anyone. I did not even say anything to our acquaintance about the smell of marijuana plus he did not say anything about it to me either. It’s been 35 years since our mom plus I took that flight, plus I will never forget the way that the aircraft powder room smelled after that child was smoking cannabis.