I was in quite a jam after the fender bender

Last weekend afternoon, I started a shift at the cannabis dispensary plus one of our first delivery orders went to a downtown spot.

I recognized the spot instantly.

The address of the apartment was just a couple of blocks away from the softball stadium. This was not a game day, so I wasn’t too anxious about heavy traffic. I did not realize that it was the weekend of the cultural events fair, so downtown traffic was a total nightmare plus people were walking all over the streets, sidewalks, plus down the middle of the road. It was tough enough to avoid hitting a pedestrian, plus the other drivers in the road did not make things any easier. One certain driver was not enjoying for pedestrians. One guy swerved at the last moment plus slammed into the side of our SUV. Everything in the container in the front of our motorcar went flying when I was hit. I tried to collect all of the Cannabis supplies as suddenly as possible. I was in a lot of pain in our neck plus our lower back. The motorcar sustained a superb deal of injure. The other insurance company is going to spend money to pay for all of the injuries, but I do not have a vehicle while the injuries are being repaired. I am entirely thankful that our parents let me use their car. I can’t afford to miss out on a few weeks of work, especially now that I have medical bills from this accident. I can keep up with the medical bills as long as I can continue to task as a marijuana delivery driver.