I wanted to get high before we went to the movie

Before we went to the movies on Friday night, I told my girlfriend that I wanted to get high and smoke marijuana.

Crowds make me feel very nervous and I really don’t like to be around a lot of different people.

I wasn’t really looking forward to going to the movie, but I promised my girlfriend that we would go out. My girlfriend and I were running late on Friday. We both got into the shower when we got home from work. I told my girlfriend that I wanted to pack a bowl and smoke marijuana before we left. She complained about the time. She thought we were going to be late and she tried to tell me that there wasn’t enough time for me to smoke a bowl. That made me feel extremely anxious. We ended up getting into a massive argument, because I didn’t want to go to the movies if I couldn’t smoke first. My girlfriend said I was acting like a baby and I said she was being unreasonable. Both of us used words that weren’t very nice. My girlfriend ended up going to the movies with her friends and I stayed home. I thought about our argument the whole time that she was gone. When she finally came home from the movies, I told her that I thought we should sit down and talk. I was hoping that the two of us could come to some type of understanding, but she was still mad, angry, and defensive. We didn’t make up until Sunday afternoon. I think marijuana is going to be a sore subject for us.

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