I tried to help the lady find a nice sativa for the morning

A customer came to the dispensary last week and asked me for some help choosing the right screen for her.

She was looking for a marijuana strain that she could use in the morning.

She needed something that would not make her drowsy. I recommended a sativa strain. She asked for some examples. My favorite sativa strain is blue dream and that was my recommendation to the customer. Blue Dream is a cross between blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream is an 80/20 sativa hybrid. It is most often categorized as a sativa. Blue Dream is a really nice sativa strain, for many different reasons. It tastes great, and it has a long-lasting high. It also provides natural pain relief without the drowsy feeling. I can run miles after smoking blue dream and I don’t feel tired at all. Most of the strains that offer great pain relief are sedatives and it’s hard for a customer to manage the tired feeling. I made the suggestion of Blue Dream and the customer purchased a vape pen as well as 1/8 of the same strain. I was working in the store a few days ago when the customer came to tell me about her experience with the product that I suggested. She had nothing but great things to say about the best sativa strain. She wanted me to tell her what additional products in the dispensary she could buy that contain this particular strain. I love being helpful, but it’s super nice when a customer comes back to thank me with enthusiasm.
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