I spilled bong water all over the new rug

My girlfriend bought a new area rug for the living room.

She found the area rug on sale at one of the bargain retail centers.

The area rug matches all of our furniture perfectly. I honestly don’t like my girlfriend to spend money like that when she is out of the house without me, but the rug was a great deal and I’m very glad that she didn’t pass it up. The rug has circles and squares and it is a cream and light brown color. We placed the rug in the living room under the coffee table. The first day that we had the rug, I accidentally spilled bong water all over it. I was sitting on the couch with a water bong and a bag of recreational marijuana. I was a little high and a lot tired. I tried to put the bong on the edge of the table. The glass water bong was not secure and it fell off the table when the dog bumped the side of it. The water bong fell to the ground and water started gushing out of the mouthpiece. The water was all over the floor and the new rug. My girlfriend wasn’t home at the time. I tried to clean up all of the mess. I even got a hair dryer out of the bathroom so I could dry the spell before she got home. Unfortunately, the bong water caused an awful smell in the carpet and our whole living room smells like marijuana now. My girlfriend is seriously debating getting rid of the rug just so we can get rid of the nasty old bong water smell.

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