I pay less for cannabis products in this state with a medical marijuana card

My friend moved out west after college so he could work in the then burgeoning weed industry.

I wanted to join him because I was sick of trying to get good cannabis off the black market. It was always a hit and miss situation when we bought bags of flower buds from unknown sources, never sure what the quality was until we could get it home and smoke it. You could experience a massive drop in THC content from one batch to another without it affecting the bag appeal too much, because often the buds would still look decent to the naked eye. And if the terpene content was good for that batch, it would smell great as well. Nowadays it’s a relief to have access to legal cannabis in the places where it’s located. In a lot of places it’s required to lab test the marijuana products that your company sells, which gives consumers a clear picture of the potency of each batch. You can quickly learn what kind of terpenes that your body responds well to, especially when you come across a number of similar strains that work wonders when you consume them. My state happens to have both medical and recreational cannabis, but I retain my medical marijuana card so I pay less at the dispensary. All recreational cannabis customers are taxed at the dispensaries while the medical patients are not taxed. That’s a 15% savings on every single marijuana purchase, so that’s why I’m so eager to keep my medical marijuana card active even if it costs a little bit of money. It definitely pays for itself with the massive savings it garners me.


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