I didn't care for the flavor of the pre roll

Last Wednesday, Jack and I were both off work during the day. We decided to go to the lake to fish. Now is the perfect time of the year to spend the day at the lake. The weather is warm but not hot. The sun shines almost all day and the sky has been perfectly clear for weeks and weeks. It’s very rare for Jack and I to have a weekday off together, so we really wanted to take advantage of the unique occasion. When Jack mentioned going to the lake, I thought it was a great idea. I even went to the sporting goods store to buy a new fishing pole the night before we went to the lake. The marijuana dispensary is across the street from the sporting goods store. I went to the recreational marijuana dispensary after I was done buying a new fishing pole. The dispensary was having a sale on all of their pre-rolls that day. I purchased a couple of infused pre-rolls for Jack and I to smoke at the lake. One of the pre-rolls was a sativa called Jack Herer. I thought it was a little funny to smoke Jack Herer with my friend named Jack. The marijuana joint with Jack Herer was supposed to taste like lemonade. I did not care for the flavor of the free roll. I tasted a small amount of lemons, but the flavor wasn’t nearly as nice as I anticipated. The other pre-rolls were flavorful and high in THC. The only one we really didn’t like at all was the Jack Herer sativa blend.


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