I could have been thrown off the place

When I was a teenager, my mom and dad got a divorce and my dad moved across the country.

I still visited with my dad during the summer, winter, and spring holidays.

I had to take an airplane to visit my dad. My mom did not go with me and I always rode on the airplane by myself. Sometimes there were other kids riding alone and we would sit together. One time I met this guy named Brian. Brian was 15 and I was fourteen at the time. When Brian got on the airplane, he showed me a marijuana joint. I didn’t think that marijuana joint was real and then Brian told me to smell it. It was a horrible and disgusting smell and I knew it was marijuana. Brian told me that he was going to smoke the marijuana joint after the plane was in the air. I begged the guy not to do that. I was afraid we would get into serious trouble. I was afraid they would land the plane in the middle of the forest. When Brian dared me to smoke the joint too, I wanted to say no. I knew it was stupid and dangerous to smoke marijuana on an airplane. I told Brian no way and he called me a baby. About five minutes later, the air marshall was wrestling Brian to the ground and placing him in handcuffs for the duration of the flight. Thank goodness I said no to the marijuana and the terrible idea that my new friend came up with.

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