Cannabis is my breakfast of champions

When I was in college we called it “the breakfast of champions” when we started the day off with a cold beer and a hot bowl.

I may have settled down over the last twenty years, but I still enjoy a breakfast of champions once in a while.

In truth, I have greatly reduced my intake of beer, and liquor in general. I am not a young man anymore, and the booze not only makes me put on weight, but makes me tired and sluggish. On the other hand, I still enjoy cannabis as much as ever, and most days that alone serves as my breakfast. A hot cup of coffee and a fat bowl of sativa is what I need to get myself up, around, and motivated in the mornings. Isn’t it amazing the different kinds of effects cannabis can have on the mind? Unlike booze, cannabis is psychoactive, and the mood you have when you get high can impact the feelings you get from that high. Smoking cannabis can help me to relax, or help me to wake up, it can make a movie better, or help me focus on my writing more intently. In other words, cannabis is what you make of it, so if you are a lazy pothead who watches TV all day don’t blame the weed for that! My breakfast of champions starts my day out on the right foot, and the morning cannabis rips will usually keep me mellow and toasted until lunchtime. For my lunch break, I usually drive back home and smoke more cannabis.


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