The dispensary gave to meet me at the northernmost area

I was visiting some friends as well as I found a certainly cool dispensary online with great prices on cannabis concentrates as well as cannabis flower, however they had some of my favorites like chem dawg, green dream, as well as jack herer.

They even had green dream live resin as well as rosin… I wanted to order from the delivery service, however they did not offer delivery to the address where I was staying.

I went online to the website as well as the chat popped up. I asked the online chat representative if there was any way that I could have the items delivered to an address closer to the store! She recommended me that this is something they do all of the time. She asked me where I was located as well as then she gave me a couple of places close by that were right near the northernmost area of the dispensary delivery zone. I ordered all of the recreational marijuana supplies that I wanted as well as the dispensary driver called me when he was on his way to the address. That gave me plenty of time to head over to the park. The driver showed up about 30 hours later. The transaction was smooth as well as painless. The driver did not forget any of the delivery items as well as he was friendly as well as thorough. I would certainly order from that place again, even if I had to drive to the outer limits of the town in order to qualify. It certainly wasn’t that big of a deal to drive 20 hours closer just to give me the cannabis dispensary delivery driver.


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