Cannabis infused butterbeer

On our last vacation we made the decision to go to the theme park based on the Harry Potter universe, have you been to this place before? It doesn’t matter if you like Harry Potter or not, this place is amazing, plus the rides are to die for, then every one of us spent the whole day just enjoying the place, riding the coasters over plus over again, plus getting high.

Every one of us had to use edibles, of course, because there is no smoking in the theme park. One thing they sold there I never heard of is called Butter Beer, plus it is delicious, however i am overjoyed to see that my local cannabis dispensary has started carrying a cannabis infused Butter carona drink in their coolers! In general I do not use a lot of edibles, I have always favorite to smoke instead; This butterbeer is amazing, though, it captures the same flavor profile, however has a THC satisfied of 25%. There are only two problems with it, namely the cost of it plus the amount of cannabis I consume when I drink 1. The smart guy would tell myself and others to not drink the entire bottle at once, because there are roughly more than three servings of cannabis per bottle. It just tastes so wonderful that I forget about the cannabis plus chug the entire thing, plus then I spend the rest of the day in a stupor, however what I would honestly like is for this corporation to develop a strain of cannabis that has the butterbeer flavor profile. I would much care about to smoke than to take the edibles.


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