Weekends off from the cannabis dispensary

Seniority does have its advantages after all! Being as young as I am, I have never been a senior member of any team before, so but I had heard the expression it didn’t hit lake home until recently.

  • I have been working at the same place for three years, the longest tenure I’ve had at any task.

When the people I was with and I hired a current crew of employees and expanded the supplier eighths, I was made the senior clerk, and placed in charge of training the current budtenders. The best part about it is that now I can have weekends off, and let the current guys run the cannabis dispensary. I have been the weekend clerk since I started here, so it will be nice to spend a full weekend away from the cannabis dispensary. You might find this interesting, however I mostly wanted to use the weekends to spend more time with our cannabis crops. Although I work in a cannabis dispensary, I do not shop there, because I love to only smoke the plants that I grow myself. I have been this way for years, ever since I was sold a bad batch of marijuana that had been treated with pesticides. I got a horrible headache, I was vomiting for days, and I vowed to never smoke any cannabis that I couldn’t personally verify. The only way to be sure of what I was smoking was to grow the marijuana myself, so that is just what I did; My cannabis dispensary has the best products in the world, however I still love to smoke the stuff from our garden.

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