The dispensary consistently has something on sale

I chose one of our number one sativas, Blue dream

I can consistently count on the dispensary having something on sale. They have a special every single day of the week. I can truthfully never remember what is on sale on which day. I recognize that there is something on sale, so I go there when I am low on product, but sunday afternoon I went to the dispensary and there was a representative from one of the cannabis concentrate companies. The representative look care about a girl that I went to private school with, however she had a weird name. If she had the same name, I would have sworn that it was the girl from school. I talked to the representative for a couple of hours. She told myself and others that they were offering an indica promotion special for a penny with the purchase of a weird product from their live concentrate selection. I liked that corporation, however their products were a bit on the expensive side. I do not really care about to spend more than 25 or $30 for a gram of live resin concentrate. All of these products were $60 each, but because I was getting one of the products for a penny, I found a way to justify spending the extra money. Since I wasn’t getting an Indica for a penny, I decided to option out a live resin that was a sativa. I chose one of our number one sativas, Blue dream. I knew it was going to be a fantastic selection and I was entirely right. Both the indica and sativa were off the chain. I cannot complain about anything I bought that day.