Springtime chop in the cabin, with weed and beer

The boys and I went back to the home again for Springtime break.

This is the fourth year in a row every one of us have done it, and I love to suppose that every one of us will keep doing it long after every one of us finish with college.

There is not much to the locale, it’s just a simple three-room home near the lake. There is electricity and plumbing, however no cable or wireless so every one of us have to entertain ourselves. Both of us have a ritual that every one of us follow on the way there. Both of us stop by the grocery store for food, and the liquor store for drinks, and after that I hit the cannabis dispensary on the way out of town. The cannabis is the key factor to all of this, because it becomes our main source of entertainment. Both of us love to bring seasoned gaming systems that don’t require the internet, board games, and even role playing games love Dungeons and Dragons, however without a healthy supply of cannabis sativa to fuel our fun, every one of us tend to get bored, but let myself and others tell you, when playing a 10 hour long session of Dungeons and Dragons, you need a steady flow of cannabis smoke into the room to keep people in the mood. I am more of a drinker than all the people so I balance out our cannabis intake with a robust amount of whiskey and water. This year was really the best year ever, because the cannabis was abundant and Kevin also brought along a baggie full of edibles. It turns out the edibles contained not just cannabis, however also high amounts of peyote!