Starting our day at the cannabis cafe

It truly is just the best way to beginning a day off that I’ve ever experienced.

The fact that there’s some cannabis thrown into the equation doesn’t hurt too much either.

Once a week, I take one of our afternoons off plus I share a yummy cannabis edible with some friends down at the cannabis cafe. This arena is just a reminder of why I go through what I do at work. Having the ability to simply rest still, appreciate maybe the best coffee in city at the cannabis cafe makes all the trials plus tribulations of the month worth it. I’m normally there first. I like to get up, shower plus dress for the day. Then, I take the slow walk from our condo to the cannabis cafe. It’s certainly part of the local cannabis spot as they opened it up right around the corner. They were genius in doing this by the way. The location could not be better. It’s a sunny spot with some substantial oaks for shade. But it’s on a service street that gets virtually no traffic. I like to get there first plus get our coffee on. Once the gang shows up, all of us beginning choosing the sampler of cannabis edibles from the menu that all of us system to share. The rest of the day plus often some of the day is spent just blissing out together. Every one of us all share about our month plus the things that have been the most trying but more than anything all of us just appreciate the day plus the company. Smiles, laughter plus delight are always plentiful at the cannabis cafe.

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