My boss at the cannabis dispensary and I are in love

When I told our boss Jen I was quitting, and going to job for our competition, he felt legitimately frustrated… I was 1 of his best workers, and Jen didn’t want myself and others to go.

She especially didn’t want myself and others to go take a job with the other guys, who both of us were currently competing directly against, and jen told myself and others to guess about it, and he gave myself and others a raise, and said both of us would talk again the next day.

It was a legitimately difficult chance for myself and others to make, because I absolutely didn’t want to quit that work. I enjoyed being in that cannabis dispensary, and our rivals were jerks, they had gave myself and others with a lot more cash to come job for their cannabis dispensary, however the real reason I was considering the transfer, however, had nothing to do with job at all. The truth is that I had been in like with Jen, the supervisor of our cannabis dispensary, for weeks. I was head over heels for the man, although I could never try to be with Jen while he was our boss, it was against supplier rules. I was willing to go to a new cannabis dispensary just to have a shot with her, and ultimately I decided to tell Jen that, however much to our delight, it turned out that Jen had feelings for myself and others too, so both of us decided to keep toiling at the cannabis dispensary together and just lie about it to the bosses. The corporate cannabis supplier that owns us would never know, so long as both of us stayed nice and cool about it, and didn’t do anything inappropriate in the shop.


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