I recommended a CBD salve to my Grandmother with hand arthritis

In my family, every one of us stick together and don’t allow anyone to suffer if a single of us can be there to help out.

  • My Grandmother lives with my parents and I method on doing the same thing with them when I’m their age.

But it’s great having her in the home for all of the stories she tells and the advice that she gives. When I was still in high college, she helped me option out an amazing suit for prom when my dad was unavailable that morning, and even coached me a little bit on what to say to my date. Lately I’ve been the a single to supply my Grandmother advice, as some of her health problems have gotten worse recently. I had to remind her to not get on a step ladder Last weekand urged her to tell me whenever she needed my help for any reason. Now the arthritis in her hands is getting worse and it’s making the straight-forward act of opening a jar both difficult and painful for my Grandmother. I believe bad if I’m not around to help when she needs it, however she’s persistent in trying to be self-sufficient regardless. I’m just cheerful that she took my advice and tried the CBD topical salve that I offered her recently for the pain in her hands. Even though she has a positive view of cannabis overall, she has resisted the thought of ever trying it for herself. I told her that she could benefit from the medical effects of the plant, however she still wouldn’t budge. Thankfully she saw a documentary on CBD and seemed interested. Finally she’s experiencing much needed pain relief in her hands whenever she uses the CBD salve. She’s extremely grateful about it as well.

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