Sure was wrong when it came to marijuana

I sort of did a complete double take when my therapist suggested that I try cannabis products for my anxiety & depression.

This was the last thing that I had ever thought of.

I come from a unquestionably strict religious background that views marijuana as akin to the devil himself. Of course, I was indoctrinated into this way of thinking & bought all that myth hook, line & sinker. So when I yet again was dealing with a reduction in efficacy with my medications, I talked to my doctor about it. There had been so many combinations of prescription drugs over the years that I frankly lost count. And all of us were once again faced with finding another medication cocktail to help me manage my condition. That’s when my therapist, a licenced physician, suggested that I consider going to the cannabis dispensary. My expression must have been so telling because she quickly began to explain the benefits of medical marijuana. Actually all forms of marijuana are legal in our state. But it started with medical marijuana. My doctor provided me a bunch locales to research the uses & history of cannabis products. So that’s how it started. I did my research & found the data so compelling for people in my situation. Once I realized that my opposition to cannabis was rooted in myth & misinformation, my apprehension just fell away. It’s been less that 6 months now that I’ve been treating with sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. And I can say, unequivocally, I believe more hopeful, glad & positive than I have in my entire life.

Marijuana dispensary