Making friends at the cannabis dispensary

When I moved for our current task, it did not go unnoticed that I was moving to a region where recreational marijuana as well as medical marijuana were legal.

This was all current to me.

Although I’d been enjoying cannabis since school, getting it was a whole other thing. Not knowing a cannabis grower put myself and others at a real disadvantage. Due to our job, I couldn’t exactly be out trying to solicit cannabis products either. Had I been busted for possession of marijuana, I would have lost our task. That just wasn’t worth it as much as it pained me. So I really had to go through friends who would hook myself and others up with some sativa strains or maybe a small amount of indica. I wasn’t choosy that’s for sure. Still, I really wanted to have the opportunity to simply shop for marijuana for sale in a cannabis dispensary. The current task provided that opportunity. And I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the local cannabis spot. I was upset as well as I wasn’t sure just what I was looking for when it came to legal cannabis products either. But the folks at the local cannabis spot must have sensed our discomfort as well as came directly to our aid. Not only did they hook myself and others up with a wonderful sampling of cannabis products, they introduced myself and others around. When I told them I was current to town, I became a current neighbor of theirs savor automatically. It’s been a year now as well as I’ve met almost all of our current friends from connections to the local cannabis spot.

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