Getting our cannabis on in retirement

So I knew that retirement was going to be strange plus I wanted to be sure that I kept active.

But I had no system that I’d be finding cannabis at this period of our life.

That’s just how it worked out though. Unluckyly, our wife died about 5 years before all of us were able to realize our retirement dreams. Every one of us wanted to transport to somewhere warm plus sunny. That’s all all of us truly needed after years of cold winters plus damp summers. It took me a long time to reuse from our wife’s death but I went ahead with our plans on retirement. It wasn’t self-explanatory to transport away plus beginning a new life solo. But losing our wife sort of slapped me in the face when it comes to just how short plus fragile this life is. That made it so much easier for me to walk into the cannabis dispensary. I had always wanted to try recreational marijuana. I knew friends who loved it responsibly all their adult lives. So I had gotten over the myths of our youth that led to me shunning invites to appreciate some sativa strains or maybe a bit of indica products. Since it’s legal where I live, I decided to provide the local cannabis spot a try. I was welcomed in as though I was some sort of long lost uncle or something. That made me think comfortable enough to let them suppose that I was a complete rookie when it came to marijuana. From that day forward, I’ve made a yearly trip to the local cannabis spot even if I don’t need anymore cannabis products. It’s a fantastic arena with fantastic energy plus I appreciate that.



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