Smoking strong indicas before bed helps me get to sleep at night

At some point in high school, I developed chronic insomnia and fatigue.

Insomnia would feed the fatigue, and then the fatigue would push me to consume substances like coffee or tea that simply made it even harder for me to sleep in the evening hours.

I felt like I was trapped in this horrifying self-fulfilling cycle that would not end. With school being so annoying and tedious to me at the time, I felt compelled to consume as much caffeine as necessary to keep moving from one hour to the next. In retrospect, I didn’t realize at the time that I was consuming too many stimulants at such a young age, along with making my existing issues worse by aggravating my insomnia with these drugs being in my bloodstream at such high levels. Nowadays I can get away with drinking a lot of coffee during daytime hours if I have strong indica strains of cannabis to smoke at night to help me get to sleep. Some indica strains aren’t very sedating, but others hit me like a brick wall and will put me to sleep faster than most of the actual sedatives I have tried over the years. Recently I’ve really enjoyed strains like Banana OG and Mandarin Dream. Both of these indicas have proven to be successful at helping me get to sleep as soon as possible at night. I don’t want to be lying awake in my bed at night wondering when my body is going to fall asleep. Smoking a strong indica usually guarantees that I’ll peacefully fall asleep soon thereafter.

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