What to look for when choosing cannabis products

The pain of arthritis has plagued me for years.

When it comes to treating my pain, I have tried to be as natural as possible.

If I get on any strong medications, I am concerned I will become dependent on them. I recently obtained my medical marijuana card so that I could explore some natural options for pain relief. I’m not sure which type of products to use, however. After doing some research, I saw some debate over whether to use THC or CBD based products for my arthritic pain. Both THC and CBD are effective in relieving pain, but they do so in different ways. THC and CBD activate different cannabinoid receptors that produce different effects. After trying both products, I found a routine that works for me. Ultimately, I prefer to use a CBD roll on stick to treat specific body pains. I often experience joint pain, but the roll on stick provides immediate relief. I lose sleep at night because of some of my chronic pain. Some THC products have helped me sleep better! Though it doesn’t necessarily alleviate the chronic pain, it allows my body to focus less on the pain and get the rest it needs.


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